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अब•normal Studio: Colouring outside the lines

If innovation and creativity are your thing, then अब•normal studio might just be your new favourite design destination. Founded by the dynamic duo Ravia Ohri and Sanyaa Mehrotra, together they have cultivated a space for themselves in the creative industry with an authentic identity which urges one to explore the extraordinary. They aim to push boundaries of design to create out-of-the-box experiences and impactful narratives that resonate with their audience.

Their journey began during the turbulent Covid-19 pandemic. Their brand ethos is heavily inspired from the feelings of change and transformation which the world was experiencing at that time. The name अब•normal is an ode to this period of change, reflecting the “new normal” we were living in. 


The company has also established a strong identity for themselves on social media platforms like Instagram, inviting us into their world of innovation. Their page screams artistry with bright pops of colour, tied in seamlessly with design elements making it a visual delight.


Being entrepreneurs at a young age is equally daunting as it is invigorating. Every venture comes with its own unique set of challenges. From establishing credibility in a competitive industry to finding a balance between business operations and maintaining their creative integrity, the अब•normal team faced these hurdles the best way they know, creatively.


“Despite these challenges, it's been an amazing journey of learning and growing, constantly pushing ourselves to live up to the high creative standards we set for our work. These experiences haven't just tested us; they've been fundamental in shaping our company's identity and fueling our drive to succeed.” - Ravia and Sanyaa


Some of their most memorable moments so far have been about receiving positive feedback from clients. For any business owner, there is no greater feeling than knowing that the passion and dedication going into your work is deeply appreciated.

“These experiences, where our ideas and designs exceed expectations, highlight the effectiveness of our creative approach and its real-world impact. They are not just business successes but also personal milestones that remind us of the value and purpose of our work.” - Ravia and Sanyaa

As the company moves forward, they aim to broaden their market reach both locally and globally. With two strong-willed, talented and forward thinking women steering the ship, they are destined to reach great heights.


With years of experience and skill, their advice to any young woman aiming to start their own business in the creative industry is, “Be relentless in pursuing your passion, and remember that breaking conventional boundaries can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Surround yourself with a supportive network and never stop learning and evolving in your craft.  Embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth and never underestimate the power of storytelling in design.”

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