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Jubilant Journaling: The Undertone way

Starting your own business is something that is present on every dreamer’s bucket list. One such visionary who made her dream come true is Anisha Kumar. Through her brand Undertone, she has brought to life her own world of creative expression and aesthetics to make the most thoughtful journals, planners and more.


Founded in May, 2023, with a background in fashion styling and creative direction perfectly paired with her love for stationery products, her brand is a clear representation of her passion for design. Just a year later, the brand is well-known for its wellness journals and is on its way to becoming a household name in the realm of journaling and mindfulness.


“The journey of setting up my own company was a transformative experience, one that taught me invaluable lessons that I couldn't have learned elsewhere. As the pieces started to come together, I realised that this venture was more than just a business opportunity—it was a manifestation of my creative vision.” -   Anisha Kumar


Over the past year, Anisha has collected a treasure chest of memories made during her business journey. From the initial designing process to dispatching her very first bulk order, each moment stands out as a testament to her hard work and determination, along with the daily bits of joy that she shares with her team.

Undertone stands as a pillar for mindfulness. Their products signify something much deeper than what’s on the surface, as they encourage their audience to embrace a life of tranquil, luxury and refinement, pushing them to be the best version of themselves every day.

“Our target audience is discerning individuals who value meaningful experiences and seek a more mindful lifestyle. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, a special treat for yourself, or simply a moment of indulgence, Undertone's products are designed to spark delight and enrich your everyday experiences.”


Moving forward, Anisha envisions an organic process of growth for her brand, guided by a commitment to authenticity and innovation. She also believes that we are part of a dynamic generation full of potential and opportunities. Her advice to anyone aiming to start their own business would be to embrace the fear of failure with open hands and take it in stride. The nagging feeling of failure and judgement often hinders women from stepping out of their comfort zone to chase their dreams. However, women-led brands like Undertone stand as an example of just how far you can get by letting go of the fear and trusting the process.

About the kind of challenges she has faced in the industry, Anisha said, “As a female entrepreneur in the creative industry, I've encountered hurdles in networking and stepping out of my comfort zone. Each day presents new learning opportunities, fueling my growth. Despite these challenges, it's inspiring to see many women leading in this field. We're united in our determination to overcome obstacles and flourish.”


Women In Business Network recently joined hands with Undertone to set up a mindful journaling activity at our Reset Rituals event. The guests were engrossed in the journals and loved every bit of the thoughtful words and exercises in it. They especially appreciated the free-flowing and easy to grasp nature of the journal as well as the travel-friendly sizing of it. We look forward to creating many more memorable experiences with Undertone in the future!

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