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From passion to purpose: O&O’s journey of women empowerment through conscious cosmetics


What started as a dinner conversation has transformed into a prominent player in the sustainability realm of the beauty industry. O&O Beauty, founded by Pallavi Sharaff,  Sumedha Sharaff and Mansi Agrawal is a homegrown luxury cosmetics brand with its roots embedded in minimalism, consciousness and a sense of effortlessness. These powerful women have come together from diverse backgrounds to create something great out of their shared passion for beauty.

O&O, which stands for One and Only is on a mission to help women around the world celebrate their individual rarity. There is only one of each of us, and our uniqueness is what makes us who we are. This ethos sings through their products as they don’t aim to change you, they strive to elevate you. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something for everyone.

To simplify your shopping experience, they have categorised their products into different edits with exciting themes. From the no-makeup look to the glowy summer look featuring their easy application blush and bronzer, they have a solution for all your glam demands.


Being female entrepreneurs in a competitive industry, the dynamic trio gave us a refreshing take on their experience so far. “There are many female beauty entrepreneurs worldwide with successful brands and that served as inspiration and motivation for us. We’ve been extremely fortunate and feel a sense of empowerment. We’ve never felt lesser than any of our fellow entrepreneurs,” explained Sumedha.


Founded less than a year ago on 23rd July, 2023, in a short span the brand has built a reputation for their high quality and cruelty-free products. Moreover, they have made a commendable effort to give back to the female community through their ‘Shades of Love’ program. For every order placed, they send a pack of biodegradable sanitary napkins to a girl’s school in Haryana.


“Seeing the production process of sanitary napkins and handing them out to girls from small communities has been an incredibly rewarding experience for us. It has given our entrepreneurial journey a deeper sense of purpose and acts as a testament to our hard work,” shared Pallavi.


As the company moves forward, they have set many plans and goals on the horizon. “We aim to expand our product line in the next five years and are committed to sustainability and involving eco-friendly practices in our production and packaging to solidify our position in the conscious beauty space on a global scale,” Mansi elaborated.

Women In Business Network recently partnered with O&O beauty for our Vision Board event and needless to say it was a match made in heaven. Like-minded women from WIBN’s community came together for an afternoon centred around inspiration and fulfilment, perfectly tying in with the ethos of the makeup brand. We look forward to creating many more memorable experiences with One & Only!

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