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Our Story

Women In Business Network (WIBN) is a dynamic membership platform for young women entreprenuers and women-oriented companies that has brought together more than 15,000 women & businesses globally - both virtually and in person, to form a thriving and supportive community.


Founded and spearheaded by Ishika Nirula, our passionate CEO & Lead Consultant, WIBN Organisation serves as both a community and a boutique consulting agency dedicated to empowering women-owned and women-oriented D2C brands - enabling them for future excellence in areas of business strategy, marketing, performance enhancement and other key touchpoints.

Through WIBN, we've catalyzed the growth of 50 women-led enterprises, empowered and trained 1000+ students with essential business skills, and orchestrated 30+ networking events— in collaboration with large businesses in India. Our purpose is to ignite a spark of inspiration within women, equipping them with leadership aptitude and the ability to vocalize their ideas from an early stage, paving the way for a future of excellence.

Our community thrives by uniting women and fostering collaborative teamwork. The awareness of women's limited presence in the corporate sphere drives us to work together for impactful change. At the core of our mission lies the commitment to raising awareness about the glaring underrepresentation of women in leadership roles while offering unwavering peer support to budding female entrepreneurs.

Our work extends beyond business development. We provide a platform for discussions on crucial topics, such as Workplace Menstruation, Gender Equality, and Pay Parity, amongst many topics which bring into focus the broader issue of inadequate female representation in leadership roles at the highest echelons. We are dedicated to initiating change from the very beginning, especially for newcomers to the professional world, and confronting these challenges head-on. Women In Business Network is not just a network; it's a powerful force of change, and we're just getting started.

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