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Curls Unleashed: How Fix My Curls is Empowering Women Everywhere

Most young girls with curls have spent their childhood waking up an hour earlier than necessary for school, all to run a straightener through their tresses to achieve the perfect sleek ponytail. However, things have begun to take a curly turn for the best. With burnt, fried, toasted and almost irreversibly damaged hair, this community of wavy locked ladies is on its own rescue mission with brands like Fix My Curls leading the way. 

Founded in 2018 by Anshita Mehrotra from Delhi, it is one of the very few affordable, accessible and most importantly, a trusted source for all things wavy. The brand started as a personal mission for Anshita, who has put utmost care and attention into developing her products. 

“Fix My Curls wasn’t just about starting a business. It stemmed from a lot of struggle with my own hair and I wanted to create products that made a difference.”

Fix My Curls serves as a one-stop destination for all your hair care needs. Whether you want to tame the frizz or define your texture, there’s something for everyone. They have wash-day bundles starting and duo packages of soothing leave-in-creams and taming gels, as well as some incredible mini-sized options for rookies who just want to try something new. 

Their work is single-handedly encouraging us to forego the incessant practice of ironing one’s hair. They strive to help people embrace their natural texture and care for it in the best way possible. A national sensation of a brand, which has helped over lakhs of people feel confident as their natural selves, Anshita is on the way to fostering something much bigger than we can imagine. As the company continues to grow at a rapid speed, they’re determined to make it as a top player in the hair care industry all over Asia. They aim to make revolutionary products made in India, which meet the standards of European contenders. 


One of the challenges Anshita faced as a young female entrepreneur was building relationships in a male dominated industry. Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers are at the heart of every business and when she began as a 19-year-old who wasn’t very well versed in business jargon, she found it difficult to have business conversations. However, with time, patience and practice, she found her way and established herself as a leader.

“Don’t be scared and try everything. Don’t be a perfectionist, be passionate about your product and put it out there, there is always room for improvement. Take breaks, draw boundaries, try to create a balance and most importantly, don’t shy away from speaking very highly about your business.” – Anshita on her advice for young women aspiring to start their own business.

Women in Business Network recently teamed up with Fix My Curls to celebrate Women’s Day at Kampai, DLF Promenade. A delightful evening of fruitful conversations, networking and growth with WIBN’s community of powerful women, with exciting gifts from Fix My Curls whose mission aligns perfectly with our vision. Our community members especially loved the message on their gift bags saying “No Bad Hair Days!” which deeply resonated with everyone. 

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