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Women Entrepreneurs who are Simplifying the Legal World

Some female entrepreneurs are making it simpler to traverse the legal world.

These are the amazing female entrepreneurs who are now taking a part in the legal world and simplifying the technicalities under it.

Nehan Sethi

Nehan Sethi, a law student from Symbiosis Law School, Pune noticed a vast gender inequality in her field of work. After starting her profession in the legal world, she realized through many experiences, how women were not given enough respect in their place of work. In one of her interviews she mentioned that a woman who was busy and couldn't complete the task in time due to a child at home was scolded rudely. There were many times when women weren't given equal pay and salary compared to their male counterparts. There was always some bias against women and she decided to stand up against those loopholes.

Vertices Partners, Archana Khosla Burman

Archana decided to start her career in litigation law and soon she changed to corporate law. Now she works in one of the largest corporate law firms in India and is giving her time where she practices more and hones her skills in the business sector.

Working in the corporate world, she mentions how her colleagues always had to work according to a strict deadline. They had to submit their work as per the deadline by the heads.

But later she started her own startup Vertices Partner, which is now a 40 member team, recognized worldwide.

Lawyer24x, Diksha Lal

Diksha Lal, a law graduate from Indraprastha University, Delhi, was an advocate before she decided to begin her journey as an entrepreneur.

Her start-up, Lawyer24x is actually a support business, as they help people who are in need of legal guidance. This startup helps new entrepreneurs get guidance on their queries or help with any trouble that they are facing. The assigned lawyer gives them advice/guidance in just under 15 minutes. The app charges a very small fee, which seems accessible to all and has provided a great deal of help to people in need of guidance for their startups.

VLegal, Deepa Rafeeque

A law graduate, Deepa has professional expertise in legal consultation and training and development, Deepa started her business with the aim of helping people understand technical terms and jargons. VLegal helps those who find technical terms tough to understand, to prevent them from making misinformed decisions.. The founders aim to simplify the law for the layman, and are constantly working towards it.

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