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WIBN’s Top 12 Hustlers

Starting and maintaining a business in 2021 was not an easy feat, however we were lucky to have found some incredible women who did not shy away from the efforts needed to achieve this. Here’s a roundup of WIBN’s Top 12 Hustlers of the Year, women who, in their own ways, made it happen:


Vidisha is a student pursuing her bachelor’s in business and running her small business Shahr fuelled by her love for fashion. She started Shahr to bridge the gap between global fashion trends and the Indian market, with the goal to cater to the fashion needs of an Indian young adult by providing trendy clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. Her message for her fellow entrepreneurs and students is to keep learning and making a start rather than waiting for perfection.


Megha Theeng and Negacy started Suntala Press as a packaging solution for their thrift store, but it grew into something bigger. What began with a single printer has now become a full fledged design led brand, providing cute stationary, alternative apparel and kawaii accessories. Their message for their fellow entrepreneurs and students is to go with the flow but remember to stop and learn.


Rupita is a student at Delhi University, with her small business Artpiu centered around art. She’s always had a knack for creativity but only recently realised that it can be nurtured into a business where she can cater to others’ needs and provide them with custom art pieces. Her message for her fellow entrepreneurs and students is to support all small businesses and start their own if they’ve been thinking about it.


Navya is a student running a small business called 2TheFace. She makes authentic freshwater pearl jewellery and hopes to expand to clothes in the future. 2TheFace started as a project to distract her, she used all the resources available, taught herself through Pinterest and went for it. Her message for her fellow entrepreneurs and students is to just go for it and never underestimate themselves. She stresses on not giving up when things get tough.


Naila is a model, businesswoman, writer and student at NIFT, New Delhi. She started her small business Steezy and Company with the vision of providing sustainable effortless style. She has always been passionate about fashion and feels grateful to be able to share her art with everyone. Her message for her fellow entrepreneurs and students is to work hard and not give up. She believes that hard times make one stronger and that believing in oneself is most important.

6. अब•NORMAL

Both Ravia and Sanyaa are visual artists and graduates of Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. Their business अब•normal is an independent creative design studio and refers to ‘The New Normal’ where life begs for change. The team believes that the key to survival is the re-interpretation of the norm. Both Ravia and Sanyaa believe in working hard and not being scared to take the leap you need to be where you want to be.


Kaavya is an English major at Hansraj College, DU and a lover of everything art! She used the lockdown to take up her love of trying different mediums professionally. Her business, The Bad Witches Club aims to build a community of creatives, who are appreciative of each other, art, one-of-a-kind experiences, and are climate conscious. She commends people who manage school/university along with their business and asks them to not be too hard on themselves.


Sanskriti describes herself as an old soul and is passionate about making your bath routine very fun! Her business AdoraBubble values its eco-friendly approach towards modern selfcare and provides affordable bath solutions for people having different skin types. They are an inclusive brand catering to various identity groups. She believes that owning a business helps one put their theoretical knowledge in practice, advises to research thoroughly before beginning and be proud of all small and big victories!


Smiti is pursuing her bachelor's degree in product design and is a self-taught origami artist. Her business PaperCranes is born out of love for origami and it gives her a platform to share the art of paper folding in a more accessible and usable way with others. She values innovation, uniqueness and authenticity towards one's passion, and urges others to never give up something they are passionate about, even when it gets tough.


Divya is an art enthusiast and design student at Sushant School of Design. Oranged is a handmade accessories and jewellery brand, inspired by Indian culture and art. Her aim behind Oranged is to promote the art of her country and make Indian style jewellery accessible and wearable for all. Her message for her fellow entrepreneurs and students is to keep going without any doubts and comparisons. There are no competitors, but only a family of entrepreneurs.


Sayesha is a student at Delhi University who loves to crochet. She decided to turn her favourite hobby into a small business, selling hand-crafted crochet products. Crocheted Dreams is born from her desire to do something independently, grow as a person and transform hobbies into passion. Her message for her fellow entrepreneurs and students is to follow their passion, do what they love and put their heart into whatever they are doing.


Bhoomi is a student at Graphic Era University pursuing her bachelor’s in business. Unbridled Art, a handmade art, jewellery and accessories brand, started as a passion project for her to keep herself occupied during the lockdown. It has now grown into something bigger, with her family helping her manage different aspects of the brand. Her message for her fellow entrepreneurs and students is to do what their heart tells them to and always follow and respect their passion.

Special Mention:


Aparna is a student at Hansraj College who loves doing calligraphy. After months of practice, dedication and self-motivation, she launched Inkstry. Inkstry is a bespoke calligraphy products business with a focus on personalisation and curation of intricate custom calligraphy pieces. Her message for her fellow entrepreneurs and students is to follow their dreams, she wants them to be self-aware and enjoy this journey of discovery and passion.

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