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The why and how of self-care for women entrepreneurs

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.” – AUDRE LORDE

Self-care is a conscious act of taking care of ourselves in terms of physical, emotional and mental health. It could include drastic changes in one’s daily life routine like exercising or even small acts like eating their favourite chocolate.

Being a women entrepreneur in a male-dominated patriarchal society isn’t easy. It is tiring, difficult and takes a toll on one’s physical and mental health. Since the beginning of time, women have been assigned the role of care-givers and so they tend to forget that they need care too as a human. Majority of women think that indulging in selfcare is actually selfish – something they aren’t entitled to.

With the rise of feminism and inclusion of women in the professional workspace, women have started realising that selfcare is not a want, rather it is a need. It helps us manage our emotions well and also improves mental health and stability. It gives us time to take note of our own wants and desires and thus, fulfil them. It helps us to work more effectively and actively, so that we can prioritise ourselves. This avoids exhaustion and prevents emotional outbursts. This also enables the creative side of our brain to be used more often. It gives more focus when we are bouncing back to work after a much-needed break.

When you treat yourself right, you give your body the ability to function at its best. When your body functions maximally, you give your hundred percent to you work. And when this happens, only sky is the limit to what you can achieve.

So now the only question is, how does one practice this?

Here are some tips for the female entrepreneur in you to discover self-love:

● Recognize that you are not being selfish when you put yourself first.

● Believe that saying “NO” is perfectly okay and normal.

● Try to find hobbies that give you happiness and squeeze them in your daily schedule.

● Treat yourself with respect and dignity.

● Give yourself a treat from time to time (go on a solo trip or order your favourite food or just go buy those jeans you always wanted).

● Start practising yoga or exercising or jogging daily.

● Start writing journals or diary entries daily.

● Meet friends or family or relatives once in a while to cheer up.

● Try sharing your emotions and thoughts with someone close on a timely basis.

Self-care is something that comes from within, and it is imperative for a successful body and life. To take care of your business, first learn to take care of yourself purely out of love for the person you are and how far you have come in this battle of life. YOU DO YOU!

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