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The original “Slumdog millionaire”- Kalpana Saroj

Kalpana Saroj, the CEO of Kamini Tubes is described as the original "Slumdog Millionaire".

She bought the damaged assets of Kamini Tubes Company and was successful in bringing back the company to profits.

Let's talk about how it all started. Belonging to a Dalit family, she was raised with society's stereotypes and racism. She wasn't allowed to participate in activities or play with other students in her school. She was also married at the age of 12, and suffered a lot at her husband's house. She was treated like a maid and almost became a corpse. Soon her father rescued her from there and helped her begin her studies again. Kalpana and her family were criticized due to their situation.

Later she decided to go to Mumbai to start earning money and financially support her family after they faced a crisis during her sister's medical treatment and due to which they lost her forever. She learned the importance of money very early in her life. Then she made the decision of becoming an “Entrepreneur”. She started her business journey with Kamini Tubes and got the business out of crisis.

She has also been honoured with various awards such as Padma Shri in 2013 under the field of Trade and Industries, Ninth Rajiv Gandhi award for Women Empowerment in 2006. She's also the founder of the Kalpana Saroj foundation and is acknowledged worldwide as an entrepreneur. She is also considered India's First Women Entrepreneur.

She is a living example that dreams can only become reality when you put in your hard work and dedication.

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