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The 5 Traits of A Creative and Successful Female Entrepreneur

Despite unequal pay, inequality in the availability of opportunities, and workplace discrimination, we see inspiring female entrepreneurs on an all-time rise! While every successful businesswoman has her own unique story. We believe that they are united by these five traits that allow them to live their potential to the fullest and maximize their output:

1. Empathy and Serving others- Oprah Winfrey

Empathy is a sustainability tool that can help us create a far better environment to live and work in. When you empathize with someone, you may not only see things from their point of view but craft a response or counter-proposal that works for both parties. Empathy can help one design and advertise products and services for clients outside of the firm. Oprah Winfrey is a talk show host, television producer, actress, author, and philanthropist who has overcome numerous nerve-wracking obstacles. A billionaire, she firmly believes that you cannot make success your objective if you want to be successful. The trick is to focus on being significant rather than being successful, as success will come naturally as a result.

2. Self Belief- Akanksha and Arushi

Self-belief is the most vital attribute that any successful entrepreneur possesses. Look at any successful businesswoman, and you will see how much confidence she has in herself. They say, whether you believe that you can or believe you cannot, you are correct. Despite multiple technical failures and loss of support from family, Akanksha and Arushi(Founder, Lens Eye Zia Productions) went on to create their business around high-quality wedding photography services. The duo went on to get featured in Trip Advisor Weddings and Popxo Wedding, among others, and went on to win International Wed War Awards.

3. Resilience- Kalpana Saroj

Everyone in this life encounters twists and turns, ranging from minor setbacks to life-changing catastrophes like the grief and numbness of losing a loved one, a life-altering accident, or a significant disease. Each of these twists and turns has a different impact on people, bringing a unique stream of thoughts and powerful emotions and uncertainties. As much as resilience entails "bouncing back" from adversity, it can also lead to significant and conscious personal growth. Kalpana Saroj, CEO of Kamini Tubes, the first woman entrepreneur of India, came from a Dalit background and was married off at the tender age of twelve. Facing a problematic marriage, she went back to live with her father. She faced ridicule and snarky remarks at the hands of society. Not just that, she realized the value of money in this world as she lost her dear sister to a medical condition following a lack of funds. Saroj went on to rise like a phoenix despite all this. Today she has been honored with multiple awards like Padma Shri and Ninth Rajiv Gandhi award for Women Empowerment.

4. Passion- Nitika Gupta

One succeeds when they are entirely committed to making their business flourish, no matter how complicated the process may be. Nitika Gupta, the founder of Kiara, an ethical, plant-based, and sustainable clothing brand, was inspired to start her venture of chic natural blends when she witnessed a lack of modern silhouette with traditional block prints. The truth is, you will not survive as an entrepreneur unless you have some form of passion propelling you because the grind of developing a business will take a toll on you emotionally, mentally, and physically. Without a goal or passion propelling you ahead, this can be extremely difficult to overcome.To be creative and successful at your business, discover your passion, believe in it, and make it into something you can be massively proud of!

5. Eagerness to Learn - Girls.exe

Everything worthwhile begins with a strong desire to do something and a keen willingness to learn. Due to a limited budget, a startup business rarely has workers in every department. Building a team takes time and resources. That means entrepreneurs must learn everything from the ground up, from accounting to marketing and budgeting. Reiterating the words of girls.exe from an exclusive conversation with WIBN, "The primary advice would be to keep finding, digging into the internet, and looking for opportunities to enhance your skills. Internships(even if unpaid), workshops, events, and competitions help your skill enhancement. Just go for it and keep trying." Girls.exe is a project aimed at closing the gender gap in technological sectors by encouraging more women to get involved in technology early.

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