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Pillars of Modern Business

Business management systems traditionally drew on refining processes for performing operations. Times sure have changed, with that the business solutions have also broadened. A modern business is not just using the latest technology or marketing funnel. To flourish, other factors come into play as well.


Administration describes a general management approach where senior managers use a combination of management information and hierarchical management control structures to guide and control the entire organization. The first and foremost thing when a company goes into administration is appointing an ‘administrator’ who has command over the business and its assets.

Risk Management

Risk management is a process of identifying, analyzing, and responding appropriately, if applicable, to risks that can adversely affect the achievement of business goals. These risks and threats can come from a variety of sources, including financial uncertainty, liability, and strategic management errors, including accidents and natural disasters.


Compliance means confirming with a set of requirements defined in laws, regulations, standards, contracts, strategies and policies. Depending on what occupation you work in you must comply with large and complex laws that have a significant impact on your operations.

Companies will often focus on these areas, spending both time and resources making sure the framework is well designed. The modern Business Process Management (BPM) systems create a synergy between people, processes and technology. All these factors are the support system of a company and indeed make the business more consistent and efficient.

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