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Overcoming Self-doubt for Women in Business

“You are busy doubting yourself while others are intimidated by your potential.” – Anonymous

Self-doubt is when a person lacks confidence in his/her own abilities and actions. They might feel insufficient or incapable of achieving anything in their lives. They may feel that they cannot do anything productive.

This may leave the person in extreme fear and can also lead to anxiety. This also presents serious health implications like increased risk of high blood pressure, fatigue, migraines or even depression. This leads to bad decision making and procrastination too.

Self-doubt can arise when a person faces challenging situations and is unable to overcome them. It can also stem from previous negative experiences or traumas. It is a direct result of a person’s insecurity about self. Sometimes, societal expectations and pressure can push a person into the pit of self-doubt. This can have long lasting emotional and mental implications that are negative.

It is crucial to address this problem of self-doubt in order to enhance productivity and improve work life quality. And as an entrepreneur it becomes even more essential because you are a leader and people depend on you. In a society where women are constantly criticised and judged for every choice they make for themselves, it is very easy to develop self-doubt at some point of time.

Here are 10 ways you – as a woman in business – can overcome and prevent self-doubt:

● Try to develop self-love and self-care habits. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and find compassion for the wonderful person you are.

● Try to heal from your past traumas and make peace with them. Forget about your past failures and remember how far you have come.

● Free yourself from the weight of expectations of others and the pressures of it. Your only competitor is you, yourself.

● When you face a challenging or demanding situation, keep your calm. Try to remain focused and composed. Try to find a reasonable and practical solution for the same. Do not hesitate to ask for help or advice.

● Remember the achievements you have made in the past and be really proud of them. No matter what anyone says, you achieved it because you deserved it.

● Never compare your success with someone else’s. Each person is unique and different. There is no timeline for success. It will come to you at the right time.

● Always be in the company of people who are your critics but also your biggest supporters. Do not listen to people who bring you down.

● Do not seek validation from outside. Support yourself, love yourself and always defend yourself.

● When you make a mistake, accept it and acknowledge it. Take full responsibility for it and learn a lesson. Do not let it get to your heart.

● In extreme cases, if anything goes out of hand seek professional help immediately. Talk to a therapist and let it out.

Always remember other people look up to you as an inspiration; you are living someone’s dream life, so do not ever doubt your potential. You are a great human with superhuman abilities and your loved ones are always super proud of you!

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