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Factors influencing female entrepreneurship in India

Women Entrepreneurs may be defined as the women or a group of women who initiate, organize and operate a business enterprise.


 A woman entrepreneur is therefore a confident and innovative woman desiring economic independence individually and simultaneously creating employment opportunities for others.


With the spread of education and awareness, women entrepreneurs have shifted from the extended kitchen activities to the 3Es - Engineering, Electronics and Energy. The number of such initiatives is steadily increasing hence it’s worth noticing that Indian women are also putting up units to manufacture solar-cookers (Gujarat), small foundries (Maharashtra), T.V. Capacitors (Odisha) and electronic ancillaries (Kerala).


India has been hailed as one of the fastest growing start-up ecosystems in the world, with 11% of the adult population being directly engaged in early stage entrepreneurship.


With a few challenges being faced, we can still see some factors contributing towards the rise in women in business. Here are few of such factors which are responsible for the same -



Nowadays that women are being recognized in their fields and given space to showcase their talents, we can see that in the workplace women are being ensured that they get more access to opportunity in the corporate world. Deserving women applicants are now empowered by obtaining adequate international exposure and domain ability to start on their entrepreneurial journey.


Social Dynamics:

With the increasing awareness about social dynamics, it has been a huge factor assisting women to get an open space and consider their mental health and hygiene among others. Various issues with regard to women are now being addressed.


Importance of education can be seen in the corporal domain as well. With enhanced education, women have been able to gain expertise across different fields. Education has enabled women to take greater control of their life and gain inclusion in decision-making.


Government Support:

With government support, the number of women in business has only been multiplying. It has contributed towards economic growth and encouraged female entrepreneurship in India.


Financial freedom:

With access to opportunities and education, women in India are becoming financially independent. Getting a complete control over their lives raises their chances of inclusion in the corporate and business fields. It improves their persona and gives them confidence in achieving anything and to transform themselves into leaders.


Social Network:

Social media networks like instagram, Facebook, whatsapp and LinkedIn has been a great determinant towards women getting a higher acknowledgment in their fields and acting as an open space in the business sphere and in others as well.



Even as women entrepreneurs are rising and marking their presence, owing to the above factors, there is still a long way to go from being a mere 14% to 50% of Indian start-up and entrepreneurship ecosystem. From technology to finance, and from art to retail, women as start-up owners are expanding their territory, making the most of every opportunity. As a country with the largest youth population and one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial ecosystems, women are headstrong to mark their ground and drive the growth, in perfect partnership with their male counterparts.

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