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E-COMMERCE INDUSTRY: A Boon for Businesswomen

Are you still living in the 20th century when business was done through physical marketplaces, a lot of workers and explaining about every item when a customer entered the shop?

It’s time to step in the era of using technology for business!

Firstly, I would like to give an overview of the e-commerce industry. In the simplest manner, anything bought or sold online is e-commerce. For example, not only clothes or products, if you buy any course online on Internshala or Udemy, it is also a part of e-commerce as those are digital products.

Now to go further, there are mainly three types of e-commerce channels.

1) B2B (business to business)

I will not go into much detail because certainly I have no intention to bore you. Just an example will work, such as Alibaba. This is world’s biggest B2B platform.

2) B2C (business to consumer)

We are all aware that Amazon is a global B2C platform.

3) C2C (consumer to consumer)

OLX is a great way to define this type of e-commerce channel where all the transactions are between consumers without the involvement of any middlemen.

Although we all know that the e-commerce industry is open to all without any bias, but all the key features of this industry are directly to the advantage of female entrepreneurs.

Let us look how:

  • But who will look after family?

Flexibility of time and working from home is the biggest boon for married women who have to look out for their family and children and achieve their goals while considering all that.

  • What about safety?

There are ample of examples where women are harassed at workplaces which stops them from going out of their home and doing traditional business. This is the safest platform as there is no direct contact with the buyers.

  • Do not have favorable finances?

This is a platform for women aiming to be independent even in the beginning of their career. E-commerce reduces the cost of opening a shop, keeping labor and advertising through expensive means. The greatest joy is that you can start this business even if you are just 18 years old. Certainly a wow factor, isn’t it?

Female entrepreneurs ruling the e-commerce industry

The famous e-commerce platforms which have become a brand in themselves such as Nykaa, Limeroad, Shopclues; the list is never ending, are creations of women entrepreneurs.

So ladies, do you also have a startup idea or a business mindset? If yes, then do not wait anymore. Make efficient and effective use of this great asset

Start small but start today!

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