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Different ways to establish a positive workplace

Building a team is a two-way road. To get the most out of your staff, you need to create a positive working environment for the entire team. Employees will perform better if they feel encouraged, inspired and content.

Yes, it does take time, but the process of creating a cheerful work environment brings meaning to your work and leads to dedicated performance. And it’s not as complicated as it may seem — Managers are responsible for supporting their team, not just delivering excellent project results at any cost.

1) Initiate meaningful dialogue

Good communication between an employer and his employee is fundamental for a positive working relationship. ask your team members about their immediate goals and project interests, as well as their professional objectives. Make them feel how much they mean to you.

2) Create convenient workspace

A workspace should allow employees to perform to the best of their ability. Adjustable standing desks and properly placed computer screens can not only relieve pain, but also affect the mental health of employees and improve concentration. No employee would like to work in a disruptive atmosphere.

3) Listen to everybody's ideas

All you people have good ideas. They stay in the trench all day, curating their thoughts and experiences for the project. All you have to do is just ‘give it a listen’ and there's no telling what could happen.

4) Support learning opportunities

Almost everyone is interested in learning and improving their skills. When it comes to getting teams on the right track, it's tempting to focus on things that will make them effective in the short run. Learning and experimenting in the workplace is equally important. LinkedIn research confirms this, with 93% of employees stating that they would prefer to work for a company that regularly offers training and professional development.

5) Fostering diversity and inclusiveness

Diversity is an essential element in building a positive workplace. Develop a positive and inclusive work culture by welcoming people from all backgrounds and honouring their differences. Promoting workplace diversity yields other business benefits too such as attracting industry's best and increment in productivity. This can be established by working with the HR department and ensuring it becomes the building blocks as your organisation grows.


At times, all of us need a break from serious business. If you want to keep your best and brightest, you can't just put them to work; you must give them something that can often be scarce to find: a place of work and a job that they find fulfilling. And remember, whether you're a team leader or a team member, everybody plays a role in your workplace.

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