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7 Business Propositions For College Students

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

As a college student, at some point in our lives we feel like there’s a disparity between us all, that many are way ahead and have accomplished a great deal. However, it is essential to realize that each one of us have our own path and pace as well. When you’re in your late teens, that is the prime time to find yourself, open new avenues, explore & grab opportunities and find your true calling as you have plenty of time to do some soul searching. The first step to thriving in business is to be aware of your top skills and make optimum use of it.

Here are some paramount business propositions:

1. Content creation that include bloggers, youtubers, influencers, make up artists, photographers and other such avenues.

2. Graphic designing, fashion designing, web designing are some examples of the world of design.

3. Financial services such as accounting and bookkeeping is a good option for those from a commerce background.

4. For those interested in culinary arts can start cooking, baking as well as catering services.

5. Some of us have a knack for teaching which can help us become fine tutors, instructors as well as coaches.

6. People who possess a fine set of communication skills can pursue public relations, host events or even be a sales consultant.

7. For those inclined towards literature, being a writer, publisher, author or an editor can be your safest bet.

This is no longer an era for women empowerment, we are already in action, name a field where women haven’t already made a mark. We are already strong, breaking stereotypes and societal norms, predetermined lifestyle choices and broadening our horizons. The time is now.

Author- Ishika Srivastava

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